Sunday, July 28, 2013

Remember I promised poems as they crop up? Well, one kind of did, in my mind at least. I wrote it back in March of 2009 when I saw this critter lying in the street. Even though the "o" is silent it worked well for me as I wrote it the way most spell it.


Oh, possum,
poor possum,
lying in the road
curled up on your
side the way I sleep
at night. Your sleep
is deeper though than
mine. Did not your
parents say, "Stop,
look and listen before
you make your way
across the street"?
I pray that soon
you'll wake up
in a safer place.

I have to add that I saw not one, but two unfortunate possums on my way home from church this morning.
All the gardening that needed to be done this lovely Sabbath was to water the two houseplants on my screened porch. Or I should say all the gardening I plan to do today.
We're scheduled for a rare week of highs in the 80's instead of 90-100's so any strenuous work can wait till tomorrow morning.
Now I think I'll do some research on Zacchaeus in Luke to prepare for Billy's class tomorrow evening. I also have an assignment for our Wed. morning study of J. Ellsworth Kalas' book "I Love Growing Older but I'll Never Grow Old". In our intro session last Wed. I shared the story of Billy when he was probably 4 asking me what I wanted to be when I grow up. Food for thought and I still haven't decided.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I went to the St. Louis Zoo with Leslie, Eva, Harry and Terri Anne. It was a lot of walking but I managed. I was a bit lax on prep since I thought there would be lots of drinking fountains and places to plop down if I needed to sit for a while. What there turned out to be was warm water in the few fountains we happened on and lots of other folks who wanted to sit down on the available benches. Lucky for me there were some large rocks strategically placed that I could sit on.
We also didn't apply or take sun screen. We assured ourselves once we got everyone there and had a limited time to be there we'd mostly be in the shade! Nobody got sunburned and it was around 2:30. Next time though I'll think about and about taking a good supply of cold water.
I think the most amazing experience I had there, and the kids seemed to agree, was just how big the adult giraffes are when you view them up close. They were inside instead of across the way, up close and personal so to speak. Harry loves giraffes so this was special. We probably would have had the same reaction if the elephants had been inside instead of some distance away in their outdoor setting. Those are Eva's and Terri Anne's favorite animals.
I'm starting a blog with the help of my daughter Leslie. Tom loaded some photos which I'll add from my gardening or as I like to call it, "exterior decorating". It's something I am enjoying so much after not being able to do it for the last few years. Mother Nature took over and had her way with the perennials and unwelcome plants, aka weeds. Word to the wise, herbs are best in large pots, especially if they're related to mint. It's surprising how many are or seem to be in my garden.
I'll be adding my poems when they crop up as well. I hope you aren't slapping your forehead at that gardening pun. I just can't help it.